Growing businesses from paper roots to established technologically advanced forces


Ten Fold ICT Solutions helps businesses reinvent their operations for this technological era.

Through the use of technology solutions in the means of Cyber Services, Cloud Computing, IoT, Digital, Automation, Development, Digital Marketing and Tech Training, amongst others,

We are a one stop center for all ICT solutions for any industry. We take pride in solving complex business problems for our clients.
We are a ‘next-generation’ technology company, driven by our core value, that not only acts as our roadmap for the future, but also a powerful model for any enterprise looking to thrive in this era.


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The company was formed by professional individuals having vivid experience and wide exposure in the Information Technology Field. People involved here are young qualified business graduates and qualified engineers from renowned institutions.The resource personnel working in the company have been consistently providing reliable support services and consultancy to a wide variety of corporate houses either in the capacity of executive, business partner or consultant.

Bottom line of the company philosophy is building a long-term business partnership with our clients where interpersonal relationship, reliability, assured quality and target oriented modern technology are the major building blocks. We are a company where professionals from both technical and functional field group together with an objective of providing appropriate business technological solutions. We realize the importance of functional knowledge and our impact in developing business solutions. We constantly strive to be a leading technology firm with profound business and functional knowledge.

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Our Team

Tatenda Tinarwo
Project Management
Web Development
Data Manipulation

Tatenda Tinarwo

Co Founder & Technology Lead

Tatenda is an experienced IT Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the IT industry and a fan of how Technology can be used to benefit businesses and individuals.. Tatenda has experience in IT Administration, Marketing and Advertising which he gained from working from various companies before the formation of Ten Fold ICT. Tatenda’s experience and practical business knowledge has given him the ability to converse with our clients and helping them understand how vital ICT can increase efficiency to businesses.

From working in different business sectors, I have gained the experience and brains to figure out the best solution/s to a lot of ICT problems that our clients face. I always try to examine all our clients’ problems and needs in detail so that I understand what they are trying to achieve so I can wrap their IT requirements around their business needs, talk to them in a non-technical manner, then get the Ten Fold team involved to make it happen.

Arthur Nhundu

Co Founder & Developer

Arthur has a great deal of experience in the IT industry,he started as a Lecturer until he joined Ten Fold ICT. Arthur is a very important individual to the day to day life of the Ten Fold ICT team because of his knowledge and experience in the programming and cyber security fields. A Qualified IT Auditor, Arthur is a technology evangelist and is passionate about how technology can improve business systems and communications.

“I aim to make the process of change and innovation easy to understand, and the transition to new technology as stress-free and seamless as possible. I like to see myself as part of your team, training your staff and keeping everyone up to date and on top of IT innovations.”

ICT Training
Project Management

Lynnsay Marufu

Marketing Communications Specialist

A Marketing Specialist Lynn has a background in Digital Advertising and Marketing that gives her a unique insight into digital marketing from both a technical and business point of view. Lynnsay is responsible for bridging the communication gap between our clients and their exposure needs. Her many years in the marketing industry means she is able to question a client’s ideas and provide solutions for more effective or economic solutions.

“I’m passionate to learn and continuously improve my craft, I love to understand how your business works and to help you come up with the best advertisement, brand management or marketing solutions.”

Nomatter Tinarwo

Accounting Systems Administrator

Nomatter or “NONO” as we like to call her is a Graduate in Accounting from Midlands State University, and currently pursuing a certificate with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). She has experience in Transport and Logistics as well Fuel and Energy industries. Her previous work experience include organizational development, management and project development.

“I believe that to succeed is to have an impact on the community as well as society, i am inspired by the challenging and innovative work that we do at Ten Fold ICT Solutions, When not at work i am working on my cooking and fashion interests, spending time with family and friends.”

Cloud Computing

Tony Jericho

Cloud Consultant

A complete nerd on his own, loves anything geeky, Tony is a specialist generalist. He is a specialist in Networking and Consultancy of both network systems and cloud solutions.

“My passion for ICT derives from my passion for nature, animals and education. This, on the surface, might seem an unlikely association. When you look at biology and behaviour they are complex natural systems that are dynamic and can change rapidly. This is very akin to the fast pace, multifactorial
world of ICT computer systems, internet and also the world of modern software development.”